Davies Pumps Growler High-Pressure Grinder Pump

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The Growler Pump is a positive displacement grinder pump with a heavy-duty cutter that transfers wastewater in low flow, high head applications.
The 4-pole motor is powerful with high starting torque for increased cutting ability, and the positive displacement design provides high-pressure pumping of dirty water without clogging.
Low-speed & high torque cutter with cutter rings chops solids to ensures all solids are ground into fine pieces to pass easily through the pump.



  • Cast iron pump body for durability in harsh conditions
  • Heavy-duty silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Cutter with cutter rings chops solids to reduce clogging
  • High torque and positive displacement delivers a high head of up to 50 meters
  • Used for raw wastewater
  • Perfect for low-pressure sewer pump stations
  • 1.1kW, 1.5hp, Single or three-phase motors, max head 50m, max flow 50L/m, 1 1/4” flanged vertical outlet



  • Used for raw wastewater
  • Perfect for  pressure sewer pump stations