Fighter Grinder Submersible

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Davies Pumps Fighter Grinder Submersible

The Davies Pumps FGP series are heavy duty submersible pumps designed for use in wastewater applications where there is solids such textiles, plastic or plant material in pumped liquid. The agitator and radial cutter will grind the solids to small particles which are able to be pumped through the semi vortex impeller without blocking pump or pipes.


  • Cast iron construction with grinder mechanism for pumping raw sewerage.
  • Large solids are effectively cut into very fine particles that can be pumped
    through small pipes without the risk of blocking.
  • Double mechanical seal (lower – silicon carbide/silicon carbide, upper-carbon/ceramic)
  • in oil chamber for exceptional durability.
  • Maximum submerged depth: 8m.
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C.
  • Cable length 8mtr.
  • Radial cutter and cutterring SUS440C : corrosion resistant material, hardened to 55-60 Rockwell C
  • Specific single phase design for starting torque, torque is five times stronger than General capacitor pump

*Guide Rail Kits available (not suitable for FGP100).



Dimensions & Specifications
Model No. A B C D E F H H1 H2
FGP100A 270 210 450 300 120
FGP201 128 102 103 103 230 206 640 445 160
FGP301T 128 102 103 103 230 206 640 445 160
FGP501T 164 119 125 114 283 239 669 509 186