Over 25 years mechanical & electrical expertise


Delivering increased profitability through design and innovation

The Wet Sparky aim to provide customers with cost effective solutions and years of industry gained experience. Our vision is to fully understand customer needs and exceed their expectations, delivering increased profitability through design and innovation.

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Industrial Services

Keeping your plant running and production flowing is our number one priority. Our team understand that fast fault finding and pinpoint problem solving is key.

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Commercial Services

Design and modernization have a huge impact on corporate businesses. First impressions last. We can help you achieve or expand this image…

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Residential Services

Upgrade or repair. Install or maintain. From sewage pumps to kitchen renovations. We offer a wide range of Home maintenance services.

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Mechanical Engineering

This is where our WET becomes your peace of mind. Giving our customers a comprehensive service. Our duel trade, qualified staff has what it takes to consult, maintain, improve, repair and apply: engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, physics, and materials science principles to mechanical systems. With the help of preventative maintenance schedules, unwanted breakdowns and machine downtime can be minimized, saving time and money.

  • Water pump service
  • Bearing Maintenance or Replacement
  • Chain and Belt Drives.

Full Electrical /Mechanical Site Survey

Prevention costs less than Reaction. Understanding what you have and how it works can reduce downtime. Thermal Audits, Electrical component checks, and plant Condition Monitoring

Our highly trained Thermal imaging analysis team and condition monitoring experts is focused on finding fires before they happen. Friction and loose electrical connections create heat and improper airflow prevent much needed cooling. All these factors can be monitored, maintained and repaired before resulting in major damage to expensive equipment, through a condition monitor program and scheduled preventative maintenance or PM system.

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Thermal Imaging

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Find Hot Connections

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Identify Fire Hazards

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Looking For Better Installation - Better Operation - Better Control?