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Design and modernization have a huge impact on corporate businesses. First impressions last. We can help you achieve or expand this image by helping you select the most modern design and functional electrical equipment on the market. Whether it be for new installations or upgrades, no matter how big or small.

We also provide our Customers with services in some fields of physical security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource while access management describes the process. Controlling permission to access a resource is at your fingertips with our leading access management software.

Lighting Systems

Cost effective, energy conserving lighting is the future. We design and install LED lighting systems tailor made for our customers.

  • Lighting Upgrades. Plant, office or warehouse
  • Light bulb or fluorescent tube replacement
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Halogen lighting
  • High Pressure Sodium lighting
  • Mercury Vapor lighting

Gate Automation

As a CENTURION accredited gate motor installer, we supply and install one of the world’s leading brands of gate openers. Quick and strong, a Centurion gate motor can open and close gates of up to two tons. Making them a force to be reckoned with.

  • Traffic Barriers
  • Boom gates
  • Sliding gate motors
  • Swing gate motors
  • Garage door openers
  • Remote controls
  • Infra-red beams
  • Gate motor track repair


Transferring or circulating liquids require the correct selection of the right pump for the task at hand. We Maintain, Repair, Install and Supply.

  • Booster pump systems
  • Hot or Cold-water circulation
  • Process Liquid circulation
  • Lift well pumps
  • Sewage transfer
  • Sump pumps
  • Pump Control and protection
  • Retention tank transfer
  • Rain Harvest pump systems
  • Dosing Pump systems
  • Pump Repairs

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Better Installation, Better Operation, Better Control

With unwavering dedication and commitment to our customers and their values, we will strive to adapt and overcome all obstacles to obtain success.

General Electrical

Any equipment that needs electricity to function falls in our general electric category. We offer the following general services; if it is not listed please feel free to contact us to get an assessment scheduled.

  • Test and Tag
  • Electrical Plug sockets
  • Any plant or office equipment that has an extension cord
  • Office upgrades
  • Fuse box upgrades or repairs
  • Distribution board upgrade or repairs

Lighting Systems

Cost effective, energy conserving lighting is the future. We design and install LED lighting systems tailor-made for our customers.

  • Lighting Upgrades. Plant, office or warehouse
  • Light bulb or fluorescent tube replacement
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Halogen lighting
  • High Pressure Sodium lighting
  • Mercury Vapor lighting

Access control

Quick and easy access to any area is essential to maintain the flow of effective productivity. Our team can assist in creating an automated access environment. Giving you accurate registers on who accessed or limiting the access to who is allowed. As an accredited CENTURION installer and sales agent, we provide customers with market leading and reliable access control solutions.

  • Gate access and control
  • Turnstile access
  • Key card access
  • Number plate recognition
  • Keypad control


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Access Automation| Access Control | Safety Devices

Futuristic Access Control

What could be more convenient? Imagine never having to worry about range because your mobile phone becomes your gate’s remote control. And why stop at gates? With CENTURION’s range of GSM products, you can control up to two electrical devices via a missed call or text from your mobile. Use the power of the internet to administer your CENTURION GSM devices from anywhere! G-WEB PLUS is a unique offering from CENTURION that allows you to set up and monitor your CENTURION GSM modules via the Centurion Systems website. That means you don’t even have to waste precious time and petrol going to site – all GSM administration can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

Do G-SWITCH your way: Whether you want your SMS input notification to say, “Gate Activated” or something more secret agent-sounding like “Perimeter breached”, you can easily customise the message alerts using the G-WEB PLUS interface. With the simple click of a mouse, you can configure the outputs to respond to either a missed call or text, be pulsed or latching, and you can even set how many times a mobile number is allowed to activate an output. Perfect for letting service companies in and out!

All-important Security: Besides being an admin dream, G-WEB PLUS is also great for surveillance and site monitoring. Detailed transaction logs tell you exactly when your CENTURION GSM devices were activated, and by whom. You don’t have to be a super sleuth with G-WEB PLUS keeping tabs for you!

It’s oh so easy! Using G-WEB PLUS, you are able to effortlessly add, edit and delete users, control all your GSM devices from a single user profile page and view and export transaction logs. Need to temporarily suspend access? It’s as easy as ticking a box and saying, “You are the weakest link, goodbye!” And the best part? It’s password-protected, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky hackers.

Gate and Garage Openers

Your entrance gate is what stands between you and the outside world. It’s your first line of defence against criminals. Make sure that it’s fitted with the very best. CENTURION’s range of sliding gate motors has been designed to provide the ultimate in security and convenience. CENTURION’s range of industrial gate motors has been designed to work hard and run for many years. With exceptional push forces and the endurance of a professional athlete, CENTURION’s industrial sliders could perform in even the harshest of environments.

These operators come standard with a host of high-security features including beam automatic closing, time-barring inputs.

Swing Gate Motors

vantage linear swing gate operator - Commercial

Vantage Linear Swing Gate Operator

vert x linear swing gate operator - Commercial

Vert-X Linear Swing Gate Operator

faac 400 - Commercial

FAAC 400

r3 r5 1 - Commercial

R3 & R5 Swing Gate Motors

maxi mate rotary swing gate operator - Commercial

Maxi-mate Rotary Swing Gate Operator

Sliding Gate Openers

D2 Turbo Motor - Commercial

D2 Turbo Motor

D5 Evo Motor - Commercial

D5 Evo Motor

D10 D10 Turbo Motor - Commercial

D10 & D10 Turbo Motor

A10 Slider Motor - Commercial

A10 Slider Motor

Garage Door Motors

garage gate motors - Commercial

SDO4 Sectional and Tip-up Doors

rdo II - Commercial

Domestic Roll-up Garage Door Motors

Traffic Barriers

CENTURION’s high-volume industrial traffic barriers offer a formidable means of controlling vehicular access, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that Centurion Systems’ traffic barriers can handle the heaviest of traffic volumes while simultaneously offering superior security and a myriad of features.

CENTURION’s traffic barriers are designed to handle very heavy traffic and can happily perform up to 3000 operations daily, even during power failures. A robust DC gearbox coupled with a tough-as-nails housing and intelligent and feature-rich controller make CENTURION barriers the automatic choice for access control points with lots of cars going in and out.

Need dependable access control for that particularly wide entrance or exit? When standard boom pole lengths just won’t do, the FAAC B680H traffic barrier has you covered. Customizable for roadways up to 8m and capable of delivering two million cycles of continuous use, this powerful barrier offers a reliable solution for even the most demanding of traffic control applications.

Traffic Barriers & Accessories

traffic barrier - Commercial

Sector II

faac b680h pic - Commercial


Cellular Network based Multi unit Intercom System - Commercial

Mkii – Cellular Network-based Multi-unit Intercom System

flux - Commercial


trapex - Commercial


Nova Remote Controller - Commercial

Nova Remote Controller

g ultra - Commercial

G Ultra

Smartguard Keypad - Commercial

Smartguard Keypad

G speak Ultra Intercom - Commercial

G-speak Ultra Intercom

photon - Commercial


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