Residential Services

Specialists in our field.

Upgrade or repair. Install or maintain. From sewage pumps to kitchen renovations. We offer a wide range of Home maintenance services.

Sewage Pump Systems

Transfer of domestic sewage into council sewage systems. Domestic sewage chamber cleanouts can be arranged. Our qualified Pump technicians will gladly assist in solving any sewage pump related issues.

  • Sewage Pump blockages
  • Sewage chamber cleanouts
  • Sewage pump system upgrades
  • Sewage pump control panels
  • Sewage pump pipework
  • Scheduled service inspection
  • Sewage pump system maintenance
  • Sewage Pump Repairs

General Electrical

Any equipment that needs electricity to function falls in our general electric category.

We offer the following general services, if it is not listed please feel free to contact us to get an assessment scheduled.

  • Test and Tag
  • Electrical Plug sockets
  • Any plant or office equipment that has an extension cord
  • Fuse box upgrades or repairs
  • Distribution board upgrade or repairs

Potable and non-potable Pump systems

Transferring or circulating liquids require the correct selection of the right pump for the task at hand. We Maintain, Repair, Install and Supply:

  • Booster pump systems
  • Hot or Cold-water circulation
  • Process Liquid circulation
  • Lift well pumps
  • Sewage transfer pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Pump Control and protection
  • Retention tank transfer
  • Rain Harvest pump systems
  • Pump Repairs

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Better Installation, Better Operation, Better Control

With unwavering dedication and commitment to our customers and their values, we will strive to adapt and overcome all obstacles to obtain success.

Lighting Systems

Cost effective, energy conserving lighting is the future. We design and install LED lighting systems tailor made for our customers. The correct lighting system can save you a lot of maintenance cost at home or at your rental. It also saves you money on your monthly power bill.

  • Lighting Upgrades. Home, office or outhouse
  • Light bulb or fluorescent tube replacement
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Halogen lighting
  • High Pressure Sodium lighting
  • Mercury Vapor lighting

Water filtration

We all want to drink or use clean water. Our filtration specialists can design, install, maintain and replace any size filtration system for your home. We use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and sterilize the water. Two inline filters extract impurities and minerals. Giving you a clean usable water source.

  • Lab water testing
  • UV filtration systems
  • Cartridge filters
residential-booster-pump for better water flow

Pump repairs, service and pump maintenance

A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action.

In Auckland, pumps serve in a wide range of applications such as pumping water from wells, sewage transfer, water circulation, filtering and aeration, in the energy industry for pumping oil and natural gas or for operating cooling towers and other components of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems When a casing contains only one revolving impeller, it is called a single-stage pump. When a casing contains two or more revolving impellers, it is called a double- or multi-stage pump.

Our Highly skilled Pump technicians can assist in creating and selecting a wide variety of pump systems.

We specialise in Sewage pumps, Water circulation pumps, Booster pumps, Bore pumps and pump control systems.

Our service Inspection or as we like to call it Pump Station W.O.F. can save you unnecessary breakdown cost. By fixing the small issues on a yearly basis you are in control and not the breakdowns. Fixing faults before they become breakdowns, that usually happens on holidays, or when the family comes to visit, is our main aim in doing yearly service inspections. Contact us today to schedule a W.O.F. for your pump system. But rest assured, should a breakdown occur we are there for you to take your problem and handle it as if it was our own. Getting your system operating as soon as possible.

Looking For Better Installation - Better Operation - Better Control?