LBC Cast Iron Cutter Type Submersible

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Davies Pumps LBC series

The Davies Pumps LBC series submersible cutter pumps have a rugged cast iron casing and impeller with tungsten carbide tips designed to cut material in the water into smaller pieces to allow free flow through the pump and pipe work without blockages. Designed for high volume drainage and de-watering in a wide range of applications where some soft or stringy solids  are present such as screened effluent or sewage sumps*, factory waste and raw water transfer.  Range of models available with single or three phase motors and with or without float switches for automatic operation.

*Not suitable for sanitary products or 20% soft solids.


  • Rugged cast iron construction with cutter type impeller to chop particles for waste water.
  • Epoxy sealed cable entries.
  • Quality 410 stainless steel heat treated shaft.
  • Cast iron impeller with tungsten steel tips incorporated with unique chopper plate to cut fibrous materials.
  • Lip seal followed by double mechanical seal in oil chamber for exceptional durability.
  • Maximum submerged depth: 8m.
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C.
  • Maximum solids passage allowance – 45mm for all models.
  • Single and three phase versions must be fitted with external user supplied overload protection with manual reset.


Dimensions and specifications
Model A B C D X Y Z
LBC75 430 300 166 123 300 200 119
LBC215 462 335 166 123 300 200 119
LBC315 462 335 166 123 300 200 119