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The Trevoli CM2-40 is a stainless steel multistage pump built to a proven design. All parts that come into contact with the pumped water are stainless steel. They are ideal for domestic water supply where suction is not required. The CM2 and CM4 ranges come in 5 models and are designed to provide mains pressure for homes ranging from small single level to large multi-level homes and lifestyle blocks. CM pumps are very quiet in their operation.


Liquid temperature: 0-70°c

Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar

Enclosure class: IP55

Insulation class: F

Duty rating: Continuous

Built in thermal overload protection1.5 metre power cable with a 3-pin plug (CM12 with 15 Amp plug)




Mechanical seal: Machine made carbon/Sic/EPDM

Stainless steel suction and discharge chambers

Stainless steel impellers and stages

Low noise bearings and stainless steel motor shaft

Part No.     hp    kW      Inlet/Outlet       Phase    Voltage   Amps

CM2-40     0.7   0.5       25/25mm          1              220-240    3.9


  • Note – the CM12-40 comes with a 15 amp plug