Taurus Float Switch

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Part No.Max AmpsLengthContact Type
228-TRDF720820mDouble Contact
228-TRDF710810mDouble Contact


The Taurus Float Switch is a robust level control float switch with either a 10 or 20m lead. The 3 core lead type allows for either emptying or filling function and has a unique design which allows the float to hang suspended in liquid once switched rather than floating to the surface, this reduces the activation angle to 20 degrees. It is recommended to use in pairs with one controlling minimum and the other controlling the maximum level.

Suitable for level regulation in drainage plants, pumping stations and dirty water systems.

It is recommended to use the 228-FK07 lead mounting kit to install to minimize the risk of lead damage.


  • 230Volt 10(8)Amp rated
  • Max liquid temp: 50°C
  • Max depth 20m
  • Tank emptying or Filling
  • 3 watertight compartments
  • IP68