Simer 5 Utility Pump

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Part No.VoltsDescription
245-JP46884230Simer 5 Level Controller
245-OD6601230Simer 5 Utility Pump


The Simer 5 utility pump is versatile and can be used for draining flat roofs or emptying swimming pools. The Simer 5 pump removes unwanted water quickly and efficiently, leaving a residual water level of just 2 mm. The pump already starts working at a water level of only 5 mm. A removable electrical cord, an anti-airlock valve and a very strong aluminum housing with enamel finish draw the pump out as a quality product from Pentair Jung Pumpen.

•  Removes water down to a level of 2mm
•  Robust cast aluminium housing
•  Self-venting starts at a water level of just 5mm
•  Cooling jacket for motor housing
•  Replaceable cable inlet

Plus accessory: Simer level control switch for automatic pump operation

The new electronic switch SIMER LEVEL CONTROL offers special convenience. The level control can be integrated in the cable inlet and switches the pump on automatically at approx. 7 mm water level.

Puddles and flood water can be removed promptly and automatically.