Hydrogenie 5 Pump Controller

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Part No.VoltsPhaseMax Amps per phaseTurn on Pressure*Prewired
228-HG5230 or 4001 or 310See operating modes belowNo


The Davies Pumps Hydrogenie HG5 is a simple and robust inline auto pump controller to control and protect a single or three phase pump up to 10A per phase. It has 1 1/4″ ports for high flow applications and two operating modes to enable the best operating method required for the system.

Technical details for HG5

  • Max pressure: 10Bar
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to +40°C
  • Connection Thread: 1 ¼” male
  • Protection: IP55
  • Electronic over current protection
  • Run Dry protection

*Operating modes:

The Hydrogenie 5 controllers have two operating modes:

On/Off mode: Pump starts when pressure drops to set turn on pressure–adjustable between 1 & 5 Bar. Pump stops when no flow is detected. (The pump must be able to supply 0.5Bar more than turn on pressure)

Pressure dependent mode: Pump starts when pressure drops to set turn on pressure – adjustable between  0 & 6.5Bar. Pump stops when pressure reaches set turn off pressure– adjustable between 1 & 7Bar. (turn off pressure must be 1Bar above turn on pressure)

A pressure tank must be included in the system, the size depends on the mode the controller is in. For On/Off mode anything from 2 – 50litres will work fine. For Pressure dependent mode, the tank needs to be sized the same as in a conventional pressure switch type installation.

Additional features:

  • Digital display: shows instantaneous motor current, system pressure, set pressure, flow sensor position during normal operation.
  • Start/stop delay: 0-10 seconds start delay. 0-60 seconds stop delay
  • Dry run restart: Following a dry run event the controller will attempt a restart 5min after and every 30min for 24hours if the problem persists.
  • Over Current: In the event the current rises above the set point the controller will turn off the pump and attempt a restart 4 times, if after the 4th attempt the current is still above set point the controller will remain off.

Pressure Loss Table
Flowrate (L/M) 50 100 150 200 250
Loss (Bar) 0.1 0.4 0.9 1.6 2.5