Hydrogenie 4.1 Pump Controller

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Part No.VoltsMax AmpsTurn on PressurePrewired
228-HG4.1230160.5 - 7 barNo


The HydroGenie 4.1 is an electronic pump controller with pressure and flow sensors to manage a single-phase pump up to 2.2Kw (3.0Hp), protect from run dry failure and overload. There are two operating modes to allow the best control method:

• Standard mode is pressure and flow dependant with adjustable start pressure and pump off with no flow.

• Pressure mode is dependant on start and stop pressure being adjusted and set.

The overload can be adjusted and set to protect the pump motor. It can also have a minimum pressure set to help protect from dry running or hose burst. The LCD screen shows the pump operating pressure in either bar or PSI or the instantaneous current consumption of the pump. Alarm LED shows if pump is in failure and flow LED shows flow switch is active. The controller has ART (Auto Reset Test) function which will attempt to restore operation a set number of times (1-48) over 24H and for a variable time period (10-40s) in case of a run dry failure or 4 attempts in case of overload. The ART for run dry can be turned off.