Hydrogenie 3.1 Pump Controller

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Part No.VoltsMax AmpsTurn on Pressure*Prewired
228-CTHG3.1230160.5-4 barYes


The HydroGenie 3.1 (HG3.1) is an electronic pump controller with pressure and flow sensors to manage a single phase pump up to 2.2Kw (3.0Hp) and protect from run dry failure. The pump start pressure is adjustable to provide accurate operation.

The LCD screen shows the pump operating pressure in either bar or PSI. The Alarm LED shows if pump is in failure and flow LED shows flow switch is active.

The controller has ART (Auto Reset Test) function which will attempt to restore operation in case of a run dry failure. This function can be turned off or adjusted to set the number and duration of attempts. The screen can also be set to standby mode to save power.


• Pump managed by power relay.
• Accumulation membrane and Integrated non-return valve.
• Dry-running protection.
• Digital pressure gauge (bar and psi).
• Inner pressure transmitter
• Inner flow sensor.
• Stand-by mode.
• ART function (Automatic Reset Test). If the device has been stopped due to the action of the safety system against dry operation, the ART tries to connect the pump, with a programmed periodicity because the water supply could have been restored.
• Control panel includes 3 digits display.