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Davies Pumps DMS Multisub Series

The Davies Multisub is a rugged 5” stainless multistage  submersible pump designed for use with clean water from open wells or tanks. The Multisub can have either a 10m, 20m or 40m power lead  to simplify your installation – see accessory section. It also has the option of a float switch for run dry protection or automatic emptying operation. The float switch and power cord are fitted with plug and play pump connections for simple installation or replacement. Match the Multisub with a Hydrogenie controller to create a reliable, low noise pressure system that is simple and fast to install but offers exceptional performance. Ideal for household water supply, irrigation or treated effluent to dripper lines.

• New Models include 20 metre power lead. Contact Argon for details


  • Double mechanical seal with oil bath.
  • Long life integral class B capacitor.
  • Water cooled motor.
  • 32mm discharge.
  • Outer casing, discharge and intake fitter AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Techno-polymer impellers and diffusers.
  • Removable power cord (10, 20 and 40m lengths available).
  • Removable float switch.

Technical Features:

  • Max. immersion depth: 50m.
  • Max. Starts per hour: 40
  • Max. pumped liquid temperature: +40°C  (+104°F).
  • Max. amount of sand tolerated in water: 50 g/m³.
  • Mounting: vertical and / or horizontal.
  • Degree of protection: IP68.
  • Insulation class: F.
  • Voltage tolerance: +/-  10%.

Dimensions and Specifications
Model A B C Kg
DMS308 495 1 1/4″ 124 15.5
DMS310 521 1 1/4″ 124 16.5
DMS312 590 1 1/4″ 124 19
DMS512 515 1 1/4″ 124 17.5
DMS520 620 1 1/4″ 124 20.5