Davies Switchgenie 12 Electronic Pressure Switch

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The Switchgenie 12 is an electronic pressure switch for up to 12 bar with simple adjustable digital cut in/cut out pressure settings, overload protection and an integral pressure gauge to control a pump up to 2.2kw (16A) single phase.

It also provides smart pump run dry, over-current and rapid cycling protection and can be set up to control two pumps as a pair and alternate operation with an LCD display to show either operating or set pressure values and an alarm light to indicate if there is a system fault.

The standard SG12 is installed like a conventional pressure switch with 1/4″ female port on the back or is also available as SG12T with an integral tee and non-return valve and two 25mm female ports for tank/discharge and a 25mm male port for pump.


  • Easy pressure adjustment and settings.
  • Low Power sleep mode.
  • Current overload protection.
  • Integral digital pressure gauge (bar/psi).
  • Run dry protection with minimum current with auto restart.
  • Minimum pressure LOP protection with auto restart.
  • Anti-cycle mode to reduce starts in case of tank failure.
  • 3 operation modes (differential/inversed differential/dual).
  • Synchronous operation for two pumps with cascade or alternate starts.

Technical details:

  • Cut in pressure range 0.5-11 bar.
  • Cut out pressure range 1-12 bar.
  • Maximum differential 11.5 bar.
  • Minimum differential  (adjustable) 0.5 bar.
  • IP55.
  • Max water temp 50 degrees.
  • Max ambient 60 degrees.