Davies Pumps MVI 04-Cubic Series with Three Phase Motor

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Part No.HPkWPhaseAmps 230v StarAmps 400v Delta
220-MVI 4-06T1.
220-MVI 4-08T21.535.12.9
220-MVI 4-10T32.237.54.3
220-MVI 4-12T32.237.54.3
220-MVI 4-16T4339.95.7


When reliability and efficiency are not an option, Davies Pumps MVI series vertical multistage tops the list. With premium grade components and 1Ph or 3Ph options delivering up to 1250 litres per minute (LPM), you have a pump that can be relied on at all levels.

These non-self-priming pumps are designed to pump clean liquids with viscosity no higher than water that is non-explosive, non-flammable and free of solid particles, sand, and fibres.

100% customisable to suit many applications with options to run multiple pumps and controllers simultaneously.

MVI 04-Cubic Series delivers a nominal 4 m3/hour flow rate.

Price includes DIN32 Companion Flange set.

Premium Grade Components

  • 304 Stainless steel wet end component, impellers and diffusers
  • Long-life silicon carbide cartridge seals
  • Tungsten carbide shaft bearings
  • EPDM outer casing O-rings
  • Three-phase B14 or B5 IEC motor
  • DIN flange connections

Operation Limitations:

  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC
  • Liquid temperature range: -15ºC to + 120ºC

Typical Applications

  • Water supply from storage tanks
  • Pressure boosting in high rise buildings
  • Water treatment plants
  • Steam boiler supply
  • Industrial water circulation
  • Industrial washing and rinsing
  • Large water supply from storage tanks
  • Farm water supply
  • And many more!

User to supply motor protection

MVI 04-Cubic

Dimensions and Specifications (including 3ph motor)
Model No. Motor P2 (Kw) H1 H2 D1 D2 Kg
MVI 4-08 1.5 441 732 177 141 27
MVI 4-10 2.2 495 786 177 141 29
MVI 4-12 2.2 549 840 177 141 38.8
MVI 4-16 3 662 978 197 147 43.1