Davies Pumps HydroPak Pump Kit

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The Davies Pump HydroPak kit is perfect for small batch or boatshed applications that provides outstanding performance and reliability. This robust all-in-one self-priming booster pump is mounted on a durable plastic base and encased in a subtle plastic cover.

The compact design combines a pressure tank, pressure switch, flow switch, and dry run protection with an efficient, quiet turbine pump mounted to a plastic base with a cover creating an economical pressure boosting solution.

The pump control system will attempt a restart every 60 minutes after a run dry failure.

The pump and motor have baked epoxy finish for high corrosion resistance, and the inlet has a filter to prevent solids from entering the pump casing.

Big Features In A Small Package
• Easy setup installation and maintenance
• Quiet-run turbine pump
• Pressure tank
• Pressure switch
• Flow switch
• Dry-run protection
• Auto-Restart
• High suction ability
• Robust construction
• Self-priming
• All-in-one compact design
• Suction strainer
• Non-return valve

• Garden irrigation
• Boatshed washdown
• Batch water system
• Solar powered hot water circulation
• Domestic pressure system
• Water pressure boosting
• Water transferring
• Water circulating

Material Features:
• Motor Frame: Aluminium
• Pump Casting: Cast Iron
• Mechanical Seal: Ceramic-Carbon-NBR
• Impeller: Brass

2 Year Warranty