Davies MultiPro 3 Pressure System – With Hydrogenie 2 Controller

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Part No.PumpkWL/M (KPA)|350L/M (KPA)|450L/M (KPA)|550Controller
230-UL0309-H23S-90/40.6635Hydrogenie 2
230-UL0310-H23S-100/50.755234Hydrogenie 2
230-UL0312-H23S-120/60.9624831Hydrogenie 2
230-UL0315-H23S-150/71.1746349Hydrogenie 2


Supplied with:

  • Pre-wired Hydrogenie 2 Auto controller
  • Connection union


Controller Features:

  • Max pressure: 12Bar
  • Operating temperature range: -0 to +60ºC
  • Connection Thread: 1” male
  • Minimum pump pressure: 3.0Bar
  • Automatic reset/restart following run dry: If the pump runs dry the controller will attempt to re-prime 10 times over 24 hours, each attempt lasting 5 seconds.
  • 24H Anti-Jam function: If the pump remains idle for 24 consecutive hours the controller will run the pump for 5 seconds to prevent the pump from jamming.