Davies DHM Pressure System – With Hydrogenie 3 Controller & Pressure Tank

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Part No.kwL/M (KPA)|250L/M (KPA)|350L/M (KPA)|450Controller
230-DHM2-50-H320.4552368Hydrogenie 3
230-DHM2-60-H320.56574530Hydrogenie 3
230-DHM4-50-H320.929252Hydrogenie 3
230-DHM4-60-H321.051057535Hydrogenie 3


The Davies Pumps DHM series are a multistage pump built for years of trouble free service. All parts of the pump that are in contact with the water are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The Davies Pumps DHM with Hydrogenie 3 controller is perfect for small to medium house pressure systems, and provides outstanding performance and reliability. Hydrogenie 3 controller provides user selectable start pressure for optimum operation and pressure tank to protect pump from rapid cycling.

Supplied with:

  • Pre-wired Hydrogenie 3 Auto controller with pressure gauge
  • Connection union
  • Brass tee
  • 2.8Litre pressure tank

Controller Feature:

  • Max pressure: 12Bar
  • Operating temperature range: -0 to +60ºC
  • Connection Thread: 1” male
  • Cut In Pressure: Adjustable cut in pressure: 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5Bar via the control panel
  • Minimum pump pressures (depending on user set cut in pressure): 1.5Bar = 3.0Bar. 2.0Bar=3.5Bar. 2.5Bar =4.0Bar
  • Automatic reset/restart following run dry: If the pump runs dry the controller will attempt to re-prime
  • 10 times over 24hours, each attempt lasting 5 seconds.
  • 24Hr Anti-Jam function: If the pump remains idle for 24 consecutive hours the controller will run the pump for 5 seconds to prevent the pump from jamming.